5 Outdoor Theater Seating Ideas

Whether you invite a bunch of people over for the backyard theater you set up or you just want to snuggle next to that special someone in an intimate setting outside, you want to sit on something comfortable, easy to maintain, and something that looks great.

Here are 5 Outdoor Theater Seating Ideas:

#1 – Bean Bags

Bean Bag on Amazon
Bean Bags are comfortable and very portable. You can buy bean bags just about anywhere and they range in price between $75-$175. The bean bag above is on the lower end of the range at $88. One thing we love about bean bags is that they mold to your body and if they are big enough, two can snuggle on one bag. Additionally, they are very portable and can be indoors or outdoors. This allows anyone in your outdoor theater to sit where they want very comfortably.

#2 Hay

Source: Pinterest

Hay is a creative idea and can be comfortable to sit on, though there is no back rest. This would be ideal for larger group and depending on the area you live in, may be difficult to find.

#3 Blanket

Sadun Foldable Large Camping Picnic Blanket, Waterproof and Sandproof

If you’re feeling nostalgic, a good old fashioned blanket on some soft grass or sand is a great idea. If you want to go the DIY way, any blanket you have can be used. You may not want to use the same blanket for the outdoors that you use for your bed, where you sleep at night. Amazon has some great alternatives to your old blankets. The Sadun Foldable Large Camping Picnic Blanket is fairly large, waterproof and sand-proof and best of all, you can fold it and it’s easy to carry.

#4 Beach Chairs

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs Case Of (2) Black Lounge Patio Chairs Outdoor Yard Beach New

Beach chairs are always a great idea. Throw away those old crusty beach chairs and get yourself a nice pair, it’s likely that you won’t regret it. When you’re about to watch a movie in your outdoor cinema and you just finished watering your lawn you’ll be glad to have a nice pair of chairs to keep your butt off the wet grass. If you have cement or other hard surfaces, comfy beach chairs are your best option. Check out the beach chairs above, they are comfortable, come in pairs, and are reasonably priced.

#5 Full Set of Outdoor Furniture

Ohana 7-Piece Patio Wicker Sectional Sofa Set with Cover, Dark Gray

If you have the bucks to spend and a few hundred dollars are burning a hole in your pocket, consider a sectional sofa. These things are meant for the outside but may not be as easy to move as #’s 1-4. This is probably the most comfortable and expensive but well worth the money.


Depending on your budget, layout, and composition of your yard flooring some of these options may be better than others. All 5 are great options for your Outdoor Cinema and would definitely make the outdoor movie all the more comfortable.