Choosing an Outdoor Speaker

Choosing an outdoor speaker for your backyard cinema

Not everyone enjoys sitting in the dull and darkness of a cinema to watch a movie. Instead, they might prefer to take in the world with them – the outdoors, the great wild around us. For anyone looking to build a backyard cinema, though, the appeal can be quickly shot down by the reality. How can you make sure that this great investment can be utilized on a regular basis? You have to be considerate when it comes to neighbors.

It’s why the outdoor speaker has become such a contentious issue – how loud should you go?

Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors in choosing an outdoor speaker for that backyard cinema of yours. Now, you can get the best balance between cost, quality and being fair to your neighbors with the noise!

The Safety Aspect

Of course, any outdoor speaker worth paying a price for has to be weatherproof. As do the other elements of your backyard cinema. Make sure it can handle sun, wind, rain, hail, snow and various other elements. If it’s not got the capacity to deal with the great outdoors, then it might be worth continuing your search for something a bit more…grand.

Also, where is it going to go? Sitting on the floor or mounted onto a wall? If it’s mounted, is it safe?

Make sure you can guarantee that the mounting is both secured and that it isn’t going to be compromised. Wear and tear, the weather and various elements can knock that “safe” fitting down onto the ground, causing for a rather expensive replacement to be needed. Take the safety aspect into account and you can make that outdoor speaker a much wiser investment.

The Look

Another aspect of buying an outdoor speaker for a backyard cinema is the look and style that it provides. You can get themed and scenic outdoor speakers that blend into the world you have built. Make sure that the look looks good and not too out of place.

Get some rock-shaped speakers, for example. You can make sure that they are going to be a complement that adds to the sound and the ambience, rather than an eyesore that feels cheap and out of place


Lastly, the installation quality maters hugely. You probably want something that is 70V or more in all honesty – it’s going to allow for that outdoor speaker and the TV to have the right kind of power to perform at their max without feeling the strain. A single 70V system can run many outside speakers, so you can use one set to make sure that scaling in the future is both realistic and affordable.

Take this into account and you become much more likely to find a solution that benefits the price and the scalability of your outdoor cinema.

With all of this in mind, you should find it much easier to build that outdoor cinema that you intended. Just make sure you pay attention to how it fits in, how it looks and how reliable the installation is before you settle down to watch that epic trilogy in the sun!