Outdoor Theater Movie Party

If you’re excited by the idea of throwing your very own outdoor theater movie party, simply continue reading to discover a fool-proof guide to throwing the ultimate outdoor movie party.

How to host the ultimate outdoor theater movie party:

Movie screen:

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford to hire a large screen, you may want to purchase or borrow a projection machine. Which you can then project onto the side of your house or a large white sheet. Generally, the more guests you plan on inviting, the larger your screen should be.


Don’t worry seating doesn’t have to be overly complicated. As an example, you may want to provide an assortment of large cushions and ask your guests to bring a picnic blanket, with them. If possible, it’s also worth providing an assortment of chairs, blow up couches and bean bags.

For a bit of fun for your outdoor theater movie party, you may want to name each row or section of seating after a famous movie director or movie. As an example, you could hang a sign on the fence next to the Scorsese section or the Star Wars section.


If it’s not expected to rain you may want to hang cheap movie posters on your fence. You may also be interested in placing giant cardboard cutouts of your favorite actors and actresses around your back yard. Just be warned, your guests will try and take selfies with their “famous” new friends.


Whilst you might not need lighting during your movies, you’ll need adequate lighting to serve food and to socialize with your friends between movies. Consider hanging up fairy lights on your fence or in a large tree or placing solar powered lights around the perimeter of your yard. Also remember, that you can brighten up your yard by leaving some of your home’s lights on.


You may want to create a playlist of tracks, from the soundtracks of the movies that you plan to screen, ahead of time. That way, when your guests arrive, you’ll be able to start your playlist of tracks and set the ambiance for your outdoor theater movie party.

Photo booth fun:

You may want to set up a photo booth and provide a variety of movie related props such as masks and clapper boards so that you friends can take photographs together. For a bit of fun, why not encourage each guest, to bring a prop along.

If you don’t have the budget to set up a professional photo booth, borrow a friend’s Polaroid camera (if you can still get one) and set up a movie style backdrop to take photographs in front of. If you or one of your friends is artistic, you may be able to craft a hand-painted backdrop, from one of your favorite movies. As an example, if you plan on watching “Jurassic Park”, consider painting a giant T-Rex on your background. This feature will definitely make your outdoor theater movie party the talk of the town.

Invitation inspiration:

1. Movie clapper inspired invitations

If you plan on giving out traditional paper invitations, you may want to create black and white movie clapper inspired invitations. Instead of having information such as the production and scene on your clapper boards, you can provide information such as the date of your party, the movies which you plan to screen and your address.

2. Retro movie poster inspired invitationsĀ 

If you’re skilled with photo-editing programs such as Photoshop, you may want to design custom movie inspired invitations. Why not create a movie poster inspired invitation, which makes it look as if you and your friends are the heroes of your favorite movie?

3. Movie ticket inspired invitationsĀ 

Alternatively, why not opt for movie ticket inspired invitations for your outdoor movie theater party? If you’re up for a bit of fun, why not encourage your guests to bring their ticket shaped invitation along to your party. That way you’ll be able to put each invitation in a large bucket before drawing a winning ticket, in order to run your very own raffle. You may want to consider giving your winner a VIP hamper with a bottle of wine and a cheese board as a prize. As they’ll be able to consume their goodies, whilst watching your movies.

Snacks and nibbles:

1. Fresh popcorn

First things first, you can’t throw a movie party, without popcorn. It’s well worth purchasing individual cinema style, popcorn containers, as they are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up at most party supply stores as well as chain stores such as Target. If you’re feeling creative why not stick your favorite movie quotes on each popcorn container.

2. Mixed bags of candy

Why not purchase a few bulk bags of candy and pour a few treats from each bag into individual party bags, for each guest. Make sure not to include candy which contains nuts as one of your guests may have a serious nut allergy. Alternatively, why not set up your own snack bar and allow your guests to choose which types of candy they’d like to consume.

3. Hot dogs

Whilst popcorn is delicious, your guests will require a more filling main. Hot dogs are simple to prepare and are easy to eat in the dark. Just make sure to purchase hot dog buns, mustard, ketchup, and onions. If you have a vegetarian guest, you may want to purchase a pack of vegetarian sausages.

4. Cake pops

For dessert, serve your guests cake pops. If you’re opting for a classic black and white theme for your film party, cover your cake pop with black and white sprinkles.


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1. Alcoholic drinks

If you’re hosting a party for guests who are over the age of 21 and can legally drink, you may want to consider providing at least two different types of alcoholic drinks. Such as wine and beer. If your friends prefer cocktails, you may want to serve your guests movie related cocktails such as a Shirley Temple or a Blue Hawaii.

2. Non-alcoholic drinks

Make sure to provide non-alcoholic drinks such as soda and punch. If it gets a little chilly outdoors, you may also want to offer your guests hot cocoa or coffee, in takeaway cups.

So what are you waiting for? Why not start planning your ultimate outdoor theater movie party today?